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LumeCare Eye Lid Wipes from £3.99/box

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LumeCare Eye Lid Wipes from £3.99/box

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Lumecare Eye Lid Wipe SightUK.jpg

LumeCare Eye Lid Wipes from £3.99/box

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Lumecare Eye Lid Wipes are gentle, effective daily eye lid cleaning wipes to relieve dry eye, blepharitis or sticky eye lids, particularly if you have found other treatments cause stinging or discomfort.  They are ideal as a daily part of your eye lid hygiene regime or can be used on their own for instant relief from tired eyes.  Lumecare Eye Lid Wipes are preservative and detergent free and are suitable for adults, children and babies.

We like to offer free samples, and have a limited amount back in stock. Hurry as they go quickly - still limited to one sample each!

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From Peter's review:

Lid Care wipes. Again a relative newcomer to the eye lid wipe market. The sachet is easy to open and the wipe as with the others is moist but not wet. The size is more reasonable, much like the Blephaclean wipe and easy to use wrapped around a finger or two, with a refreshing & cleaning result. The odour is not noticeable and on the whole an easy wipe to like. Opinion: Good at cleaning eye lids and good value.

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